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Information about the CIOS for departments, libraries, and individuals.

Information about the CIOS for academic departments, libraries, and individuals.


A comprehensive database of article and book abstracts from the scholarly literature of the communication field. The field's best database for depth, relevance, features, and focus.

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The Electronic Journal of Communication / La Revue
Electronique de Communication. The first peer reviewed electronic scholarly journal in the social sciences.

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Monday June 14, 2021

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The ultimate interactive directory of scholars and degree programs in communication and the best guide to leading graduate programs.


Bibliographic indexes to the primary scholarly literature in communication.


A system for the comparative assessment of article publication productivity for individual scholars and for academic departments.


The Visual Communication Concept Explorer. Discover and visualize relationships between key theoretical terms and the scholars who study them.


Quickly and efficiently scan and review new research articles in your area of interest. It's never been so easy to stay up to date.

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